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County Mayo Seascape

Join us on the West Coast of Ireland as we take 5 days to explore the wild coast of County Mayo. The options are boundless with all the isolated islands, numerous inlets, coves and beaches, you are sure to be delighted by the beauty and tranquillity of this part of Ireland. It will not take long before the cares of normal life fade away and are replaced with the daily rhythm of the ocean and wild camping; waking up to the scent of the sea breeze, hearing the call of the geese or enjoying a lethargic evening sitting around your tent on a remote  outcrop whilst gazing across the precious Atlantic as the sun sets.

On the first morning after meeting as a group and discussing the options, based on the conditions, we will tailor an expedition to the team’s desires and then head off on your adventure to explore the wilderness.  Being self-sufficient means we can adapt as need be; whether that’s staying at a secluded beach for a swim, taking advantage of a high pressure and circumnavigating Achill Head or having a short day to allow exploration on foot of some historic ruins or the undulating dunes covered in the machair, each day will bring you an adventure.  Whilst you are paddling there is every opportunity to absorb the rich fauna and flora of this renowned unspoilt location, Corn crakes are returning after a decline in numbers, dolphins and porpoise are common sightings in the surrounding bays and numerous gaggles of geese can be found on the islands. Depending on the sea state your journey could take you through Clifden bay Island hoping via Cruagh to try and catch a glimpse of the Manx Shearwaters, then onto Friar Island or over to Inishshark before creeping back along InishBofin to the tranquil charm and beauty of the Killary Fjord.  These two spectacular natural harbours are worth exploring in their own rights with the mountains falling steeply to the water’s edge along the whole inlet and beautiful white sandy beaches at the mouth, definitely a place to spend some time and soak in the emocean.

If the weather is favourable the choices are endless and circumnavigation of Clare Island with its steep cliffs and archaeological site is well worth a visit and still holds a quiet ambience for one of the inhabited islands. From here the outrageously dramatic Achill Island calls with Keem Bay a dream for a high-pressure day, otherwise the magnificent drowned drumlins of Clew Bay offer a very unique destination to explore and if needed the bustling Newport and Westport have plenty of facilities to restock. Join us for this fantastic opportunity to get away from the crowds and paddle on a little further and for a little longer, we look forward to welcoming you to this remote part of The Wild Atlantic Way.

Date July Mon 20 - Fri 24 (2020)

Location West Coast Ireland


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