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It is that time of year again when the air and water temperature begin to plummet.  In which case what is the must have Top_5 winter kayaking equipment?

Below you will find the Top 5 we carry at this time of year to make winter kayaking that little bit more enjoyable.

Winter Kayaking  Equipment. Top_5

@ 5. A changing robe. There is nothing nicer, than at the beginning and end of the day being able to keep dry and warm whilst getting changed.  Also helps with your dignity and the public image of kayakers.

@  4. A good pair of pogies. Keeping the wind off your hands and having some insulation between your skin and the elements really helps to make your day that much more pleasant. Certainly worth giving them ago, you will get use to them.

@ 3. High visibility warm hat. Nothing keeps you warmer than a decent hat and if your out at Sea its good to be seen.  Easy to carry in a day hatch or stuff inside the PDF.  Makes a real difference even if it is just when you stop for lunch. I have been wearing this one for over 8 years.

High Visibility Hat

@ 2. The Blizzard Jacket. To be honest I carry two of these all year round in my Kayak. Such a small and light piece of kit but has great insulation properties with 3 layers it is  windproof and reusable.  One I have in a dry bag and one unused for emergencies.  A truly great jacket to throw on anyone who is getting cold even over the PDF for the paddle back to the car.

3 Layer Blizzard Jacket

Winter Kayaking Equipment Top_5

@ 1. Wide mouth flask & Spork.  For me the the ultimate luxury item to carry during the winter months is Hot food.  Refuelling and gaining some heat at the same time makes this my must have winter item.  Handy hint, over cook some curry or stew then bag and freeze ready for use on a cold winters day.  Having a tasty lunch is great for morale.

Wide Mouth Flask & Fork

Whatever your top winter kayaking equipment is, remember staying warm is easier than getting warm.  


Come and Join us at discovery kayaking, there is a full calendar for next year. Take a look at our  courses and trips here.  Whatever you choose keep enjoying your sea kayaking and discovery kayaking looks forward to seeing you afloat soon.