Discovery kayaking Progressive Coaching and Guiding

Join Us on the South Coast Sea kayaking @ a Free Clinic

Its all about you, we will meet on the South Coast and first have a conversation about your Sea kayaking. Chat through your aspirations, desires, your experience and adventures before we head off along the South Coast Sea Kayaking and your FREE Clinic.  Here we will learn together through observation and conversation what you would like to work on and how best to progress forward.  We will end with a Long term development plan that you can take away to help you discover your potential.

What to expect from the FREE Sea Kayaking Clinic?

During your sea kayaking clinic the focus will all be about you and your kayaking.  Depending on your current experience the location will be somewhere on the South Coast for your Sea Kayaking Clinic.  If your new to Sea kayaking then a nice placid location will be suitable for our activities. If you are advanced then a more dynamic environment might be appropriate. Wherever we end up, whatever questions you might have about; forward paddling, technical strokes, turning in waves, developing boat handling in rough water, or brushing up on knowledge from navigation, equipment, to Safety and Rescue anything is possible.  Really these sessions are about you and what matters to you matters to discovery kayaking.  Each unique 1:1 clinic will be up to 2 hours.

Of course if we spot anything obvious during our paddle along the South Coast then if you are keen for us to provide feedback then that is what we will do.  This might be handy hints or adjustment to strokes, through to looking at a Growth Mindset. It could be to help you to develop awareness of your Kayak, Body, Blade and the relationship with the environment.  Or if  you want advice on navigating through the award systems, anything is possible.

If you love Sea kayaking as we do and have been paddling for only a year or 40 years and want a hand to help you discover your potential then join discovery kayaking on one of our Free Sea kayaking clinics.   Or please do take a look at our other courses and trips on offer.  Whatever you choose keep enjoying your sea kayaking and discovery kayaking looks forward to seeing you afloat soon.

Date August Fri 28 (2020)
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location south coast


Cost: £0.00


This event is fully booked.