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Sea Kayaking the Isle of Mull


Join us in the Inner Hebrides for 5 days sea kayaking the Isle of Mull. Discover the majesty on offer with white sandy beaches to pink granite cliffs. You’ll find crystal clear emerald waters and abundant wildlife await your visit.  Each day will be tailored to the group and making the best of the conditions.  Sea kayaking the Isle of Mull will enable you to breathe slow, take in the panorama and lose yourself in this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  One of Scotland’s gems.

There is every opportunity that whilst Sea Kayaking the Isle of Mull with it’s wildlife rich environment that you might get and encounter with a dolphin, porpoise or seal.  Opportunities await to spot a soaring golden eagle or the magnificent sea eagle. Or if luck favours you, an otter tumbling amongst the rockpools on the foreshore. It has also been known off the West coast of Mull to get regular sightings of Minke whale and basking sharks. This is a prime area for their feeding migration following the plankton blooms on the continental shelf.

With good weather, the West coast will call.  Allowing you the chance to paddle around Iona or visit Ulva and Gometra. You could make the crossing to Staffa and see the dramatic hexagonal basalt cliff pillars and Fingal’s cave.  Whatever awaits you, from Calgary bay, to the arches of Carsaig, to the history of Duart Castle you will be engulfed in breath taking coastline.  Every day promising more fantastic paddling.

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What to expect from a guided Sea Kayaking Trip on the Isle of Mull?

Apart from the stunningly beautiful coastline and aqua marine seas, each day will be tailored to the group.  The group size will be intimate and friendly with a maximum 1:5 ratio. Every morning we will meet up and talk through the days weather and conditions.  From here we will together plan a trip that gives you the most from the day.  Once cars are packed and destination agreed we will head over to our launch point.

Before we embark on our days wonderful journey we will have a briefing. Plus make sure everyone has their lunch, cameras and paddle.  Then as a group we will meander along the magnificent coastline enjoying the scenery The Isle of Mull has to offer. Being a small group gives you flexibility to stop and take photos and look into that gulley.  You can also stop on a beach for a dip or carry on a little further to a tranquil lunch stop.   The days sea kayak trip really does belong to the group.  However, at some point we will need to tear ourselves away from the alluring seascape and head for the cars. Once landed the group will help each other carry and load kayaks and kit.  We can then share stories and laughter over the days paddling.

The good news is there are another 4 days on the water with new found friends with plenty of fantastic guided Sea kayak trips around the The Isle of Mull to be explored.

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Location for the Isle of Mull

discovery kayaking will be based for the duration at a local campsite and will be happy for you to join us there.  We do however recognise that after a day paddling sometimes it is nice to have a solid roof over your head. Maybe you have non paddling companions?   This being the case there are plenty of options for accommodation available on the Ilse of Mull. There are options to meet all requirements and budgets.  Tobermory  has hotels a SYHA (hostel) and there are numerous self catering cottages and campsite on the island.    If you need any pointers then let us know. Or if you wish to join us we will gladly let you know where we will be.

Come and Join us at discovery kayaking for endless discoveries on our guided Sea Kayaking the Isle of Mull. Or please do look at our other courses and trips.  Whatever you choose keep enjoying your sea kayaking and discovery kayaking looks forward to seeing you afloat soon.

Date June Mon 13 - Fri 17 (2022)
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Location Mull Scotland


Cost: £0.00


This event is fully booked.