Discovery kayaking Progressive Coaching and Guiding

Welcome to discovery kayaking! We offer sea kayaking in Dorset and beyond. Our number one aim is always to help you discover, explore, and develop your kayaking skills! Our skilled instructors have all the knowledge they need to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. We cater for individuals, couples, groups, and clubs with a variety of different course types. Whether you’d like to undertake your dream Dorset expedition or train for your first tide race, we are here to help.

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Sea Kayaking Dorset: Our Options

At discovery kayaking, we have a range of courses that will suit most requirements! We always aim to help you achieve your goals and dreams with our skilled, dedicated instructors. You’ll come away after a weekend, week, or longer, having had fun, made new like-minded friends and expanded your skills set! Find out more about our main options here: 


We offer Discovery courses in Dorset which keep things simple! We’ll meet as a group each morning to decide on the perfect journey based on weather conditions and the tides. We’ve seen it all on our Discovery expeditions, from remote islands to stunning cliffs. If you’d like to try a bit of everything, this option would be ideal for you! 

Magical Shetland Seascape
Seascape County Mayo


If you’re looking for an even more adventurous option when it comes to sea kayaking Dorset, try our Explore courses! Here’ we combine a mixture of amazing expeditions with wild camping, being totally self-sufficient for the length of the trip! You’ll get the chance to see some truly stunning wildlife, scenery and sunsets. So, if you’d like a longer trip with the chance to get away from it all, this option should have what you’re looking for. 


If you’ve got a specific aim in mind when for your sea kayaking Dorset, or want to develop a particular skill, what about our Develop courses? We aim to give you a supportive, encouraging atmosphere to help you safely develop your skills while having fun! This would be the perfect option for you if you’d like to step out of your comfort zone in a really rewarding way!

Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue
Sea Kayak Rescue supported

Bespoke Coaching

Sometimes, the above options may not fit what you’re looking for from your sea kayaking Dorset. if that’s the case for you- don’t worry! We also offer bespoke options. We can come up with the ideal course or expedition for you! We’re more than happy to tailor them to your needs, from ongoing support to a one-off dream expedition. Our aim is to help you to reach your goals in an empowering and supportive environment. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements today!

Our Sea Kayaking Dorset Locations

At discovery kayaking, we’re very lucky because we’re able to experience so many amazing UK coastal locations. We frequently run our courses in beautiful Dorset. The Jurassic Coast has proved very popular, with a mixture of history and stunning scenery! However, we also travel beyond Dorset. In the past, we have also carried out our courses in places such as Anglesey, Ireland, and Scotland. Plus, if you’re looking for something truly unique, we’d love to discuss your dream location with you! We love travelling throughout the UK to offer our kayaking option- so please let us know today!

If you’d like to discuss sea kayaking Dorset and how discovery kayaking can help you achieve your goals and develop your skills, please get in touch today!