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Sea kayaking Tide Race Selsey

Join us for 3 hours on our short course. Sea Kayaking Tide Race Selsey for:  fun, friendly small groups 1:4 and great value £85.

Helping you realise your potential whilst moving from moderate to advanced conditions. A safe and enjoyable way to learn how to get the most from your sea kayaking.

Selsey tide race  is the perfect venue for taking your sea kayaking up to the next level and discovering your abilities. Come and join us today and start your journey to a “discovery kayaker”.

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What to expect on our Tide race Short Course 

The short course sessions will start with looking at weather and tides and how these interact in a tide race. Then working from your comfort zone we will gradually give you the skills to stretch your paddling.  Enabling you to enjoy the thrills and spills of mucking about in lumpy water.  This could be anything from breaking in and out across an eddy line.  Using and adapting your cadence to catch a wave.  Selecting the perfect wave, or perhaps more crucially turning 360 whilst sea kayaking in a tide race.  Whatever you need to help progress your sea kayaking we will give you the fundamentals to enjoy this dynamic environment.

Throughout our time together you will build in confidence and learn not only how to handle your own sea kayak but how to help and assist other kayakers in these advanced conditions.  Dynamic waters require a slightly different approach to rescues and we will make sure you are equipped to paddle safely and have the mindset plus knowledge to make appropriate decisions both on and off the water.

Ready to discover your Potential?

If this sounds fun to you and your looking to take your sea kayaking to the next level in a tide race environment then come and join us  for 3 hours on our Short Course. Fun, friendly small groups 1:4 and great value £85.

Selsey Sea Kayaking Tide Race dates: 2023

April 2nd and April 9th

June 4th

August 13th and August 20th.

Join us at discovery kayaking to develop your Tide Race Sea Kayaking Skills .  If these dates do not work or you have a group of peers that want to develop their skills then do contact us direct for a bespoke session. Please do look at our other courses and trips. Whatever you choose keep enjoying your sea kayaking and discovery kayaking looks forward to seeing you afloat soon.