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Used Sea Kayak for Sale

Looking for a good quality used sea kayak for sale? Then see what we have on offer below.  Every now and then we have a  sea kayak that needs a new home.  This is either from our own fleet or from a client who has enjoyed and taken care of their sea kayak too.  All it needs now is some more adventures with a new owner.

Used NDK Romany Surf RM sea kayak for sale.  Great intermediate/advanced sea kayak for day or weekend paddling. Plus ideal for Rock Hopping, Tide race playing and of course Surfing. £925 NOW SOLD July 2023.

This is  bigger than the Nigel Dennis Romany Classic and the New Sport or Sportive and would suit someone looking for more room. They have a boxy shape, and a surfing bottom.  They handle very well, great stability and can carve easily when edged. This is a stable boat.  They are equally suitable for beginners on flat water and experienced paddlers on more dynamic lumpy water and tide races.

It has a big keyhole cockpit and a wide flattish fibreglass seat, so can accommodate a wide range of hip sizes.

It is in good condition, some scratches on the hull but otherwise all sea worthy. Sliding metal footrests and cable skeg, along with good decklines and bungees.

Used NDK Romany Surf RM for Sale

Now you have your new kayak

Join us for progressive coaching and guiding.  Whatever your aspirations you’ll find what you’re looking for with discovery kayaking.
All our courses focus on the desires of our clients. Either as individuals, couples, a group of peers or a club. We’ll help you achieve your goals. Whether that’s taking the next step up to stretch your limits in a tide race, finding familiarity in an unknown location or fulfilling a dream expedition.  Please do take a look at our Courses and Trips

By the time you leave us, after a weekend or fortnight you will have had fun, discovered friends, explored new waters. Hopefully  empowered to develop into a discovery kayaker.Whatever you choose keep enjoying your sea kayaking and discovery kayaking looks forward to seeing you afloat soon.