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With all this sporty weather around it’s a great time to focus in on your Physical training.  After speaking to a good friend recently it became apparent that sometimes people are unsure how hard they should train and either under train or more likely over train

In general terms your fitness will improve with continuous regular aerobic exercise (jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, walking the dog) that maintains a continuous Hear Rate (HR) between 55% & 70% maximum.

A generic way to work out your HRmax is by using a well-established age predicted HR formula based on averages in population studies.

Maximum HR is commonly been estimated as 220 minus age in years with values independent of race or gender.

HRmax = 220 – age (y)

The formula is a rule of thumb and has a deviation of ± 10bpm for any age predicted HRmax and should be used with caution for finite values of HRmax. Use for setting training sensitive zones below 90 % HRmax.

Therefore a 40-year-old who wants to train at a moderate intensity but reach their threshold of 70% HRmax would use a target HR of 220 – 40 x (0.7) = 126 bpm (beats per minute)

For a lower intensity 60% 220 – 40 x (0.6) = 108 bpm

For most people achieving positive training adaptations does not require strenuous exercise.  The 70%HRmax threshold represents moderate exercise with no discomfort i.e. you can hold a conversation. With small durations of 20 to 30 minutes 2 to 3 times a week you will see improvements to your fitness and therefore kayaking.  Enabling more pleasure when on the water and or providing a reserve for when it gets tough.

Even if you exercise at a lower intensity 65% HRmax for 45 minutes you will see improvements.  In general terms if the intensity is lower increase the duration to get the same benefits.

Either way take advantage of the sporty weather to get focussed on your general fitness and keep the intensity comfortable and be ready for when you can get out on the water.

Having difficulty starting?  My tip, just aim for 5 minutes and if you have had enough stop but if you feel like continuing, carry on.  Give it a go and Join Us as you develop your physical fitness.