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Where to keep your VHF whilst Sea Kayaking

Where to keep your VHF whilst Sea Kayaking by discovery

One of the most fundamental safety questions I get asked is: Where to keep your VHF whilst Sea Kayaking? This is a great question and although it may appear simple, take some time to think it through.  I’m sure you can come up with different situations where you have seen a VHF carried? Below we […]

Top_5 Winter Kayaking Equipment

Top 5 Winter Kayaking Equipment

It is that time of year again when the air and water temperature begin to plummet.  In which case what is the must have Top_5 winter kayaking equipment? Below you will find the Top 5 we carry at this time of year to make winter kayaking that little bit more enjoyable. Winter Kayaking  Equipment. Top_5 […]

Do you carry kayak airbags in your sea kayak hatches?

Kayak Airbags

Along time ago when I first started out in a Sea Kayak, I always had kayak airbags in all my hatches. Why was this? Remembering a conscious decision to put kayak airbags in my Sea Kayak alludes me but I must assume it comes from many a white water escapade.  In those early days where […]

How to pack a Sea Kayak for Expedition

Sea kayaking Expedition camping UK

Okay, you have decided to head off on a Sea Kayaking expedition but now you have the daunting prospect of getting all that kit into your kayak.  Other than what is to follow the number one piece of advice I can offer is practice and practice, before you arrive at your start.  No matter what […]

Explore Sleeping Bag Options for all weathers

Expedition Sleeping bag options

During the late spring of 2018 I was Sea kayaking off the west Coast of Scotland using a 4-season sleeping bag. This was warm but bulky and extremely frustrating every morning trying to get the bag repacked into the kayak. There was plenty of space within the bulkhead but getting the dry bag and the […]