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Sea kayaking Tide Races : Dorset

Sea Kayaking tide races Dorset

Join us for a fun filled weekend Sea kayaking the tide races of Dorset.  These could be Old Harry’s rocks, Pevril Ledges, St. Alban’s Head or Portland Bill. Over the 2 days we will develop all the skills needed to uncover the joys of tide race paddling.  From the theory and seamanship of reading the water, to relaxed ferry gliding, controlled breaking in and out, to the exhilaration of catching a wave. Whilst all the time developing you as an integral team member.

What to expect whilst Sea Kayaking the Tide races of Dorset.

Each morning we will meet up as a group to look at the weather and the tides.  Following a quick chat we will decide on the location of the days tide race.  From here you will be able to set your goals for the day. Discovery Kayaking will then help you push your boundaries as you begin to step it up to the next level.  Through out the weekend we will create a fun, friendly and safe environment for you to get the most out of the conditions and progress you sea kayaking in tide races.  In addition as a group we will look at  Safety and Rescue in tide races. This will be on and off the water.  Please ensure you bring the usual kayaking equipment and of course lunch and a hot drink.  Whether you have kayaked in tide races before and want a friendly group to paddle with; or if your new to this exciting aspect of sea Kayaking, we look forward to seeing you beaming as you surf through the races and begin to develop into a discovery kayaker.


Join us at discovery kayaking to develop your Sea Kayaking Tide Race skills or please do look at our other courses and trips.  Whatever you choose keep enjoying your sea kayaking and discovery kayaking looks forward to seeing you afloat soon.

Date August Sat 22 - Sun 23 (2020)

Location Dorset


Cost: £0.00


This event is fully booked.

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