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Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

Thinking of taking your SKL assessment and getting ready to lead a group of upto 6 paddlers in Moderate conditions?  Then let us help you take that next step.  The British Canoeing Assessments we oversee are the SKL (Tidal).  These we undertake on the Dorset Coast but can travel if prior arranged.  Most candidates  choose to have their assessment over 1 day with a maximum of 2 candidates.  Whereas a 2 day assessment can have upto 4. One day assessments also provides more flexibility for all involved.

Sea Kayak Leader Assessment
Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

Sea Kayak Leader Assessment 

What to expect? Following on from your selection the assessment will be over 1 or 2 days.  Either way during this time you will be required to comfortably lead a group of real students (upto 6) on a journey in Moderate Sea Conditions. Keeping them safe and having fun following BC Model of Leadership Principals. 

“This includes a stretch of coastline with some areas where it is not easy to land but there will always be straightforward land points a maximum of two nautical miles apart, crossings not exceeding two nautical miles, up to 2 knots of tide (but not involving tide race or overfalls). Wind strengths do not exceed Beaufort force 4. Launching and landing through surf (up to 1 meter trough to crest height).”

Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

Hopefully over the arranged date of the SKL assessment, we meet the conditions required. If the conditions do not materialise we will need to postponed and change the dates. Agreeable suitable alternative dates will have been penciled in with you in advance.  Giving you the best chance to capture the required environmental conditions and allowing you to shine as a SKL.  After this new dates will be arranged if needed between discovery kayaking and yourself.

What is the assessment process for Sea Kayak Leader like?

The assessment process will be by observation and questioning during a real life journey that you will have planned and agreed with us in advance of the day. Where possible we will be unobtrusive and observe from a distance to hear your leadership but not to intrude. If necessary some specific set-up/simulated tasks may need to be provided if they do not materialise throughout the day.

Prior to the day the students contact details will be passed on to yourself and on the morning of the assessment you will have allocated time for a meet and greet before heading to the beach. During the assessment you will be required to carry all appropriate equipment to lead and look after your group and self for the day. This will include your personal food and hot drinks plus all paddling/safety equipment etc..


To help you prepare for the assessment please do look at the following material outlining the Leadership Skills Check list required and the level of Safety & Rescue deemed necessary. BC Assessment Guidance If you require any reasonable adjustment during the assessment or have any specific requirements then please do let discovery kayaking know when booking.

BC Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

What to do now for your assessment.

Contact me and we can chat through any questions you have and begin to agree dates.  In addition if you have not already done so you will need to register with your National Provider for Leadership Registration and forward their approval to me. The prerequisites required for registration are: 2 day first aid, Safe Guarding training, Full BC membership and Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning. Also bare in mind these need to be in date for the assessment.

We look forward to you joining us at discovery kayaking to develop your progression into a  British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader (Tidal). Or if you want some more training try our 3 day SKL Training Please do look at our other courses and trips. Whatever you choose keep enjoying your sea kayaking and discovery kayaking looks forward to seeing you afloat soon.